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Acrylic features

  • Update:18-12-2017
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    1, hardness Hardness is one of the parameters that best […]

    1, hardness
    Hardness is one of the parameters that best embodies the production technology and technology of pouring acrylic plate and is an important part in quality control. Hardness can reflect the purity of raw materials PMMA, sheet weathering and high temperature performance. Hardness directly affects the sheet will shrink the bending deformation, processing surface will appear chapped and so on. Hardness is to judge the quality of acrylic plate one of the hard indicators, the average Duroc hardness of about 8,9 degrees.
    2, thickness (acrylic tolerance)
    Acrylic sheet thickness of acrylic tolerance, so acrylic tolerance control is an important manifestation of quality management and production technology. Acrylic production has an international standard ISO7823
    Tolerance requirements for castings: Tolerance = ± (0.4 + 0.1 x thickness)
    Tolerances for extruded plates: Tolerance = <3 mm Thickness: ± 10%> 3 mm Thickness: ± 5%
    3, transparency / whiteness
    Strict selection of raw materials, advanced formulation follow-up and production of modern production technology to ensure excellent transparency and whiteness plate. Flame polished crystal clear.