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Application of cosmetic bottle PET material

  • Update:31-07-2017
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    Because of its unique corrosion resistance, high tensil […]

    Because of its unique corrosion resistance, high tensile strength and tear strength, good resistance to high temperature and durability, PET is stable in chemical properties and size, and is especially suitable for durability and outdoor labels. The usual thickness is 25um-50um. Special adhesive with high quality PET material, mostly through UL certification, can be safely used in all kinds of electrical appliances, electric tools, large machinery etc..
    PET material is very good transparency, 25U below the flexibility is excellent, mainly for bicycles, motorcycles, decals and parts of electrical products, labels. White PET is mainly used in mobile phones, batteries, labels and so on. Gold, silver, fog surface, PET material due to high temperature resistance and good metal texture, a large number of electrical appliances used in labeling. Thick shiny gold and silver material can be directly used as reflective die. To sum up, the advantages of PET materials, printing ink is not good enough.
    Common applications: Common requirements for water, oil and chemical resistance, high temperature and other products with high performance labels, used in toilet supplies, cosmetics, electrical appliances, machinery products.