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Aromatherapy essential oil bottles use eleven precautions

  • Update:28-08-2017
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    In the use of aromatherapy essential oil bottles in the […]

    In the use of aromatherapy essential oil bottles in the process of the need to pay attention to what issues, the following list of points for your reference:
    1, the use of aromatherapy essential oil bottles, be sure to place in a smooth desktop; do not put in bed, chairs, curtains and other flammable or sloping uneven.
    2, open the aromatherapy oil bottle, please hold the top of the bottle, to avoid holding the middle of the bottle, so as to avoid squeezing the oil overflow. Open the bottle when the bottle under pressure to turn left.
    3, add aromatherapy essential oils, please stay away from the fire. Into the essential oil, the aromatherapy oil bottle will be opened to close, please wipe the aroma essential oil bottle and desktop, wipe the overflow of essential oils, before ignition use.
    4, aromatherapy essential oils for the flammable, do not let the minor children, old, inconvenient or incapacitated use. Placed in a cool place, to avoid contact with fire, power, high temperature or by direct sunlight. If you accidentally eat aromatherapy essential oils or spray to the eyes, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical attention immediately.
    5, blow out the aromatherapy oil bottle, if you want to reuse, please wait about 10-20 minutes quiet, until the temperature can be reused after the re-use.
    6, The head must be smoothly inserted, not tilted, do not expose the cotton core, so as not to cause danger
    7, when lit aromatherapy essential oil bottle, please keep a safe distance with the children, to avoid the play or curiosity caused by the risk of children.When the head of the burning, be sure to leave the next fire.
    8, just blow out the head, do not immediately touch, please immediately cover the hollow cover, so as not to burn.
    9, please avoid air conditioning equipment or poor ventilation in a tight space for a long time.
    10, in the bottle has no aromatherapy essential oils, do not ignite the aromatherapy oil bottle. To add essential oils in time to avoid fragrant essential oil bottles dry.
    11, when the aromatherapy oil bottle in the unused state, please cover the lid, so that the bottle of aromatherapy essential oils volatile.