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Different Types of Cosmetics Jars

  • Update:06-03-2017
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    Obviously, not only are cosmetics jars- […]

    Obviously, not only are cosmetics jars- available in a wide range of sizes, they also come in different styles, shapes, and colors. Sometimes choosing a certain style is a matter of personal preference, but some jars are better suited to certain products than others. To help you figure out what jars best fit your products and help you get some ideas, we’ve made a list of different types of cosmetic jars you can easily find in the market.

    Acrylic Jars: Available in round or square, acrylic jars are durable and have an elegant look similar to glass but without the expense. While they are more expensive than some other types of jars, they really elevate the look of your products and are suitable for high end cosmetics.

    Double Wall Jars: Double wall jars come in black and white and are made of opaque plastic. While this doesn’t allow you to see the product from the outside, it’s durable and great for light-sensitive ingredients.

    PET Jars: Made of strong, crystal clear plastic, PET jars are one of the most versatile types of cosmetic jars. They range from the smaller 6 ml and 10 ml jars up to 8 oz to suit a wide variety of products.

    Polypropylene Jar: Polypropylene is one of the strongest materials used to make cosmetic jars. Polypropylene jars are rigid and great for keeping out moisture. Plus, they won’t crack at high temperatures, which is perfect for products that need to be heated and poured into containers. While they aren’t as clear as PET jars, polypropylene jars still come in a nice range of sizes.

    Sea Salt Jars: Sea salt jars are great because they have a wide mouth perfect for scooping out product and are made of a clear plastic. Even though they’re called sea salt jars, they can be used for a wide range of products, including bath salts, salt and sugar scrubs, body butters, lotions, creams, etc.

    Metal Tins: While these aren’t technically jars, they serve many of the same purposes. Made of metal or a combination of metal and plastic, tins have a rustic look often associated with high quality natural products. While slightly more expensive than plastic, they’re durable and give your products character.