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Do You Know That the Glass Bottle Has a Shelf Life

  • Update:10-04-2017
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    For many people, the glass is just glass. This is what […]

    For many people, the glass is just glass. This is what we drink for the storage of juices and other beverages. However, the glass changes from simple fragile materials to materials with a variety of uses and varieties.

    But do you know that glass bottles have a shelf life? All the glass is fragile, easy to rupture, and even rupture may damage you inside. In addition, it is important that transportation and warehousing are more costly, especially when the cargo is weight loss. However, glass bottles have many positive aspects. On the one hand, the glass has existed for centuries, proving its eternal and inner attraction. On the other hand, it has excellent barrier properties.

    In general, glass bottles have an indefinite shelf life, because the glass is recyclable, any bottle of more than 20% are made of recycled glass. As long as the glass is not destroyed, then it can be permanently used, never wear, can be permanently recovered. When the products are packaged in glass, their barrier is enhanced because the glass also provides a higher barrier property, no chemical substances can penetrate. Did you know that the shelf life of carbonated beverages in plastic bottles is shorter than that of glass-like products? Due to the inherent characteristics of the glass or its aesthetic value, some products can only be packaged in glass bottles, such as red wine, beer, perfume, preserved food, medicine and certain chemical substances.

    The shelf life of the glass bottle and its appearance are enhanced by the use of different closures. Glass bottles can be made of glass, cork, plastic and metal made of closed parts. In addition, glass bottles can use a variety of printing and labeling options, glass bottles can even be etched and carved. Although the glass bottles are recyclable, they must also be removed before re-use or recycling and separate the closures.

    The most important thing is that you never have to worry about the glass bottle will be like plastic bottles on the environment caused by pollution.