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Glass Jars - Green Objects in Life

  • Update:05-04-2017
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    Glass jars are used today as storage facilities. They a […]

    Glass jars are used today as storage facilities. They are used for jam, homemade items, sugar, biscuits and candy. However, over time, their use as a storage appliance is decreasing. This is because the manufacturing cost is higher than that of plastic. Plastics in the modern world replaced the storage of this material.

    Compared with the use of plastic, glass has its advantages. It is not easy to contaminate the stored food compared to plastics that are normally harmful chemicals. Do you know that you can actually decorate with a glass jar? In the past, after using the jar, because of its practicality on another occasion, it will never be discarded. For example, glass jars are very common items that almost every family can find, but we often ignore the importance of their daily life. Small can be used to store things such as nuts and bolts, beads and other small things related to art and craft, needles or needles.

    Unlike plastic, glass is an environmentally friendly material that can be processed several times to continue using them for other uses. We mainly get these jars with many daily edible things such as sauces, kimchi, jam and so on. After the internal product is finished, we mainly pass these bottles. But by applying some innovations, we can use a glass jar for a completely different purpose. These can be painted or decorated to form a charming vase. Their colors can be changed to match the color scheme around it. A large area of glass cans can become potted seedlings, you only need to use pebbles to decorate it.

    It is also used to store candy in stores and homes. Therefore, the original state of the candy is preserved. Candies are known to melt, but because these jars are airtight and free of acid, they are easy to keep them in their original state. In addition, glass jars are also used for many other uses.