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Glass Jars-Reflect the High Quality of the Product

  • Update:13-03-2017
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    If you are like most people I know, then your life must […]

    If you are like most people I know, then your life must not avoid the glass jars - Looks like a simple glass jars, interestingly enough, the shape, quality and style of the jars you choose to package your products says a lot about who you are and what you expect your customers to think about your products. If you choose to package your products in a typical canning jar like a mason, the subtle cultural cue is "low cost utility." In other words, a mason jar should contain cheap or lower priced fills. Mason jars are culturally popular for everything from jams to candles and cookie mixes. However, they are not considered a premium style, but rather something out of a country kitchen.

    When you have a choice between glass jars and plastic ones, it is worth considering the advantages of each. Plastic is lightweight and unbreakable, making it the preferred choice when a container must be carried or is vulnerable to being dropped. It has two significant problems: chemical leaching and recycling, both which are avoided when using glass. Glass containers can be completely recycled and have no chemical interaction with food. They are easy to clean and retain hot and cold temperatures longer.

    I would highly recommend sticking to the basics of glass packaging: buy the highest quality jars you can possibly afford. The more unique, sparkling and well packaged your products, the better the impression on retailers, wholesalers and consumers. In addition to margin increases from higher retail and wholesale price points, quality glass jars help further differentiate your products from competing offerings in the same retail locations. The result is a net increase in profit margin - the percentage of profit dollars you make on each item sold - as well as gross profit - the total dollars earned on the sales you generate. Simply put, you can command a premium while simultaneously selling more when your product is packaged in high quality glass containers.