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How to choose cosmetics correctly

  • Update:27-06-2017
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    Choose cosmetics, from the following two considerations […]

    Choose cosmetics, from the following two considerations:
    First, the quality of cosmetics
    Choose the most important thing is to see whether the quality of cosmetics is guaranteed. In general, choose the name of the factory, brand-name cosmetics is better, because the factory equipment is good, high standard products, quality assurance, and brand-name products are generally reliable products, use more secure. Can not buy no manufacturers and no signs of cosmetics, at the same time pay attention to whether the product certification and production license to prevent counterfeiting. But also pay attention to the production date of cosmetics, general cream, cream, honey products as much as possible to buy a factory within a year.
    Second, learn to identify the quality of cosmetics.
    ① from the appearance of identification: good cosmetics should be clear color, elegant and soft. If you find the color gray, different shades, then the quality of the problem. If the appearance of turbidity, oil and water separation or the emergence of floc, paste shrinkage cracks, you can not use.
    ② from the smell on the identification: the smell of cosmetics some elegant, some strong, but very pure. If it smells pungent smell, then it is fake or bad product.
    ③ from the sense of recognition: take a little cosmetic gently applied to the skin, if you can evenly attached to the skin and smooth and comfortable feeling, is the texture of delicate cosmetics. If smear after a rough, sticky feeling, and even skin itching, dry, it is poor quality cosmetics.
    2. Personal and environmental factors Select the cosmetics, in addition to the quality of cosmetics, but also take into account the user and environmental factors.
    ① according to the skin type: oily skin, use refreshing type of emulsion skin care products; dry skin, should use the rich moisturizing skin care products; neutral skin, should use the nature of mild skin care Product.
    ② according to age and gender: children skin young, less sebum secretion, to be used for children's skin care products; elderly skin atrophy, dry and thin, should use oil, moisturizing factor and vitamin E and other ingredients skin care products; Should use men's skin care products.
    ③ based on color: the choice of lipstick, eye shadow, foundation, nail polish and other cosmetics, to be in harmony with their skin color depth. Skin color is more white, should use the sun with the role of cosmetics.
    ④ according to the season: the season is different, the use of cosmetics are also different. In the cold season, should use moisture, moisturizing performance of strong cosmetics, and in the summer, should use the emulsion or powder cosmetics.log on to our official website for more details :