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How to identify the quality of glassware

  • Update:25-09-2017
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         In general, the higher the transparency, the highe […]

         In general, the higher the transparency, the higher the clarity, the evenness the better, the better the wall of the vessel, the better the shape of the vessel and the mold, and whether the seal is smooth or not.

         The difference between soda lime glass and lead-crystal glass is that the optical properties of the lead-crystal glass are very good, the light transmission is good, the impact is metallic, the feel is heavy, and most of the surface is not patterned, the vessel is thin and very transparent. For more upscale vessels. The soda-lime glass permeability is poor, wall thickness, the surface of most patterns to cover up the production of bubbles, poor quality glassware due to contain impurities when the cup will appear blue or green. In addition, the content can be analyzed by laboratory to determine its actual composition.
    From the price point of view, due to the addition of lead-doped glass, boron oxide added to the lead oxide, boron oxide, the cost increases, so the same specifications of glassware prices from high to low order is the lead glassware, high boron glassware , The soda-lime glassware; the price of the glassware manufactured by the pressure-blowing method is higher than that of the pressing method; the complicated craft of the craft is more expensive than the simple craft, and the price of the glassware (such as the goblet) Foot high, such as the goblet, first with pressure - blowing blowing cup, and then create a cup, and finally into a finished product, the process is complex, the price is relatively high, on the contrary, the process is simple, (Such as the production of ashtrays, one hundred times can be suppressed 100), the price is relatively cheaper; some decorative glassware than the direct molding of glass containers more than a process, the price has increased accordingly.
    The same quality of glassware, white the cheapest, quieter than the white expensive, variegated more quietly expensive; different quality of the price varies, the more excellent quality the more expensive (such as superior level than the standard); well-known brands Than the average brand of expensive; due to differences in production technology, different countries produce the same quality of glassware, the price is different, the current production of glassware production countries ranked in France, Germany, Japan and so on.
    It is understood that the same system of glass composition, the higher the SiO2 content of its higher transparency, thermal stability and chemical stability of the better, K2O than NA2O high refractive index, with luster, while its transparency and whiteness are better, However, due to the high price of potassium raw materials, in practice, generally not used, the current common for the production of glass containers of raw materials are calcium and sodium glass, high boron glass, high white material and lead glass (high-lead glass containing PbO: 30 ~ 35%, lead in the glass containing PbO: 24 ~ 30%, lead glass (also known as crystal glass) containing PbO: 24%, low-lead glass containing PbO: 24%) and other four.

         Among them, the lowest cost of calcium and sodium glass, and more for the production of ordinary glass; high boron glass in the degree of heat is better than calcium and sodium glass, the cost of the material to be higher than the former; high white material due to a very good to withstand the rapid temperature difference Of the characteristics, and more for the manufacture of microwave oven glassware, the material cost even higher. Lead glass has a high permeability, at present only a few developed countries to master production technology, usually used to produce high-grade glassware, the highest cost of materials. In addition, glassware made of lead-crystal glass has a high degree of manual processing, so the processing cost and added value are high.