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How to make clever use of cosmetic bottles

  • Update:10-07-2017
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    As a girl, every day can not be separated from skin car […]

    As a girl, every day can not be separated from skin care products, if a skin care products in accordance with the use of three months to count, the minimum consumption of four sets of skin care products at all, the four seasons are buying and buying, so a year down, a lot of Empty bottle. So how about these empty bottles, sister paper is how to deal with it?
    The first move: DIY vase.Many brands of skin care products bottle packaging to do more and more beautiful, coupled with the concept of promoting environmental protection, made of vase and then appropriate.Preparation of materials: personal favorite empty bottles, flowers (free with, as long as the good enough), scissors, water
    Steps: in the district opposite the flower shop to buy red roses, red and green carnations and with some grass, we can according to the height of the bottle to trim the squid (PS: squid root can be diagonal scissors, which can promote plant water), empty bottle In the installed half of the water, the flowers inserted.Of course, these are just small series of free to play, like the flower arrangement of the students can find the tutorial on the network Oh! This not only reduces the space, but also beautify the whole house, is not the mood is very good yet.
    The second measure: the plant is also friends, more meat cultivation.There are many friends around to plant and collect more meat, more meat is not much use, but it is nice ah, can be for everyone to watch. There are a lot of skin care products empty bottle sister, you can plant a variety of meat, placed at home for decoration, more style.Preparation of materials: meat, some diatomaceous earth, transparent pink bottle (originally a brand of cream), a small amount of white stones, a small shovel.
    Steps: first empty bottle loaded with the right amount of diatomaceous earth, with a small shovel soil shovel pine, and then the meat root buried in the soil, and finally a small amount of gravel evenly sprinkled on top of the soil. (The role of the stone is to make the plant surface look clean and beautiful, but also reduce the pests and diseases)
    Like the flesh of the sister paper, you can take some empty bottles to make. Friendly reminder: planting more meat, we must remember a word "summer less sun less watering, other seasons more sun less water."

    The third measure: placed small pieces of small pieces。Small girls must not lack some small earrings ah small ring, you can in your many lovely skin care products in the bottle to pick your favorite, put these into it, if you think it is too monotonous, of course, can also be discounted, such as small Stars, small roses and so on handicrafts as decoration.