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Modern perfume bottle material

  • Update:05-07-2017
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    Modern perfume bottles and more to soda-lime glass as a […]

    Modern perfume bottles and more to soda-lime glass as a material, there are a small number of high-grade perfume bottles to lead crystal glass as the material. Due to the high price of the relative content, the material cost of the perfume bottle is not the factor that the designer wants to consider. Modern perfume bottle designers to more attention to the perfume bottle shape, color and decoration, so that perfume consumers in the use of products in the process, not only "happy", and "pleasing to the eye", in the actual use of the effect , As well as the role of decorative room.

    In the variety of perfume bottles, most of the high-white soda-lime glass, these vials of the glass melting quality is very high, less visible bulbs and stones. Of course, the bubbles added as a decorative effect are not included in the column. This type of perfume bottle in addition to the function of the container, but also clearly show the color of perfume, in order to achieve the effect of attracting consumers eye. Because the clear and transparent perfume will enable consumers to think of high-end, coupled with favored by consumers favored varieties of aroma, often stimulate their desire to buy, and light yellow to micro green people think of natural, for the pursuit of natural return to nature Is undoubtedly a tempting selling point. Colored glass is also one of the materials available to designers. Perfume bottle stylists can almost choose the color of the glass in the vast range of red orange, yellow, green and blue violet, depending entirely on their imagination and needs.