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Note the poor quality cosmetics

  • Update:07-08-2017
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       From the city of Technical Supervision was informed […]

       From the city of Technical Supervision was informed that some of the cosmetics and illegal traders and the loss of the integrity of the cosmetics market and the illegal operation of the cosmetics shop, consumers will be safe and healthy away, the temptation to sell low prices, selling fake and shoddy products, not only deceived consumers Loss of money, but also suffered physical and mental damage. So remind the public must buy cosmetics from the formal channels.
       City Quality Supervision Bureau recommended that consumers pay attention to the following points when buying cosmetics:
       1. Select a good reputation of the business or cosmetics companies recognized the formal channels to buy their products to protect their legitimate rights and interests, and be able to get full after-sales service.
       2. Before buying cosmetics to do a good job of skin testing, full trial, under the guidance of professionals, choose their own products.
       3. Note that check the product "full component identification", any logo fuzzy, scraping bar code, batch number or electronic monitoring code products, are unable to understand the product shelf life, can not guarantee product quality.
       4. To the sales staff to request the purchase certificate and proper preservation, as a matter of dispute after the favorable evidence and demand for reasonable return and other goods after the basis  of service.
       5. Cosmetics on the storage and transportation conditions have strict requirements, cosmetics packaging is destroyed, the quality of the material is also difficult to guarantee. Therefore, if you find someone selling cosmetics packaging damaged products, no matter how cheap the price do not buy.