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Plastic bottle of common problems

  • Update:29-01-2018
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    Plastic bottles of low cost, not easy to break, transpa […]

    Plastic bottles of low cost, not easy to break, transparency, food-grade raw materials and some other features, widely used. Cosmetics, food, beverage industry, a common container. So, what are the common problems of plastic bottles, take a look at:
    1, in the design of extruded plastic bottles, if the material is high density polyethylene or polypropylene, the cross section of the plastic bottle should be rectangular or oval, for the material is low density polyethylene or other flexible plastic bottles, the cross section In the round as well. This will allow the contents to be squeezed out of the plastic bottle. Plastic parts used in conjunction with the plastic bottle caps and sealers. Plastic bottle mouth design should focus on test; consider how to make plastic bottle cap and seal with a better plastic bottle bottom, plastic bottle is a weak part of the mechanical properties. Therefore, the bottom of the plastic bottle is generally designed to be concave; the corner of the plastic bottle, and the depression, are done larger arc over. To facilitate the stacking of plastic bottles and increase the stacking stability of plastic bottles, plastic bottles should be designed at the bottom of the groove.
    2, plastic bottle surface with the label, the label should be flat surface. Plastic bottle surface can be designed in a "grid", so that the label accurate positioning, does not produce movement. In the blow molding, parison inflation first contact with the site, always tend to advance hardening of the site. Therefore, the wall thickness of the site is also larger. Edge and corner of the site, is the final contact inflatable parison parts, the site wall thickness smaller. Therefore, the edges of the plastic bottles and cabbages should be designed to fillet. Change the surface shape of the plastic bottle, such as the plastic bottle relatively thinner middle part, increase the surface of the plastic bottle circumferential grooves or ribs, can improve the rigidity and flexibility of the plastic bottle. Longitudinal grooves or stiffeners eliminate the tendency of plastic bottles to migrate, sag or deform under long-term loads.
    3, the printing surface of plastic bottles, consumers focus on the most concentrated parts. The printing surface should be smooth and continuous; if the plastic bottle contains the structure of handles, grooves and stiffeners, the design should be careful not to cause inconvenience to the printing operation. Oval plastic bottles, the stiffness is higher, but the mold manufacturing costs are higher. Therefore, to ensure the stiffness of plastic bottles, in addition to the selection of high stiffness materials, but also through the plastic bottle shape design, plastic bottles to enhance the rigidity and load-bearing strength.
    4, Because most of the plastics have the notch sensitivity, the plastic bottle is easy to produce the crack and the crack phenomenon at the sharp corner, the root of the mouth thread, the neck and other parts, so these parts should be designed into rounded corners. Rectangular plastic bottles at the turn of the need to support most of the plastic bottle load, thus increasing the local wall thickness, but also help to improve the rigidity of plastic bottles and load-bearing strength.

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