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Seasonal skincare product replacement note

  • Update:16-10-2017
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    Replacement of cleansing products Cleanser and lotion t […]

    Replacement of cleansing products
    Cleanser and lotion to clean the skin products, relatively little influence to replace them, so you can replace such products first season. In the replacement of cleansing products, you can use new products in the morning, in the evening with the old products, give the skin a period of adaptation, generally speaking, after 10 days or more, the skin no adverse reactions can completely use new products.
    Mix and match product replacement
    For most of the skin, the use of a brand of care products for a long time will have obvious effect in the early stage, and the latter has little effect, which indicates that the skin has been tired of such skin care products. In this case you can try to often change the product brand, each brand of skin care products have their own strengths, you can learn from each other have a choice, multi-faceted replenish nutrients, is conducive to skin luster.
    Replacement of essence products
    Care for the skin cream and eye cream "support" to be more careful in the replacement, in most cases, even if the season, but the skin does not produce such products on the indications, it does not need to be replaced. If you have to change it, then you need to make sure you know the nutritional requirements of your skin, and then choose the best.
    When the season, we must pay attention to the replacement of nutrition for the skin. Because the characteristics of the skin in summer and in winter are different, so the demand for nutrients is also different. At the same time, no matter what season we should do a good job of moisturizing and replenishment of the skin, only in this way, can the skin always keep moisture, smooth, elastic.