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Some Better Way to Clean the Plastic Jars

  • Update:17-04-2017
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    We all know that plastic bottles are more difficult to […]

    We all know that plastic bottles are more difficult to clean, here to teach you how to clean the plastic bottle. Many industrial bleaching operations, such as industrial bleaching operations for the production of paper, are increasingly using hydrogen peroxide for a more environmentally friendly bleaching process. Yes, hydrogen peroxide is easy to clean plastic containers. Some people will use a brush to clean the plastic bottle.

    If your plastic bottle sticks to the oil, then you can dilute the disinfectant with water, under normal circumstances, a pot of water into a small amount of disinfectant can be, according to the number of cleaning items can also be adapted to put a little more. And then need to clean the plastic bottle into the disinfection of water. Generally clean only twenty minutes or so, you will find those stains slowly faded. If you encounter serious stained plastic products, then soak the time to be longer until the stains completely faded. Finally, you can use the diluted disinfectant and then brush no place to soak, rinse with water on it. This method we can rest assured that the use of disinfectant can not only make plastic products more clean, more translucent, but also can play the role of disinfection, and plastic does not produce corrosion.

    You can also use other methods. For example, into the basin into the amount of decontamination powder, scrub with a rag, and then rinse with water again, or with hot towels and soap scrub plastic bottles, and finally rinse clean water. If the stock you do not have the above items, then you can use the life of the most common toothpaste to clean. The toothpaste squeezed in the toothbrush above, and then carefully brush the plastic bottle with a toothbrush, you can remove the dirt. This is because the toothpaste contains a friction agent, can be effective decontamination, easy and simple.

    Plastic bottles do not remember to sun exposure and soaking with hot water, do not use detergent cleaning, cleaning should be done after the shade to dry. You can also use cotton to dip a small amount of alcohol to wipe the plastic bottle, and then flannel dipped in toothpaste to the surface of the items. There is no damage to the plastic items. If the plastic items have been yellow, this time will be a special bleach diluted, and then soak for a while, plastic jars will be clean as new, and finally washed with water.