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The number on the plastic bottle is secret

  • Update:15-01-2018
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    (1) "No. 1" PET bottles (PET is the most commonly used […]

    (1) "No. 1" PET bottles (PET is the most commonly used beverage containers)
    The triangular symbol with the "1" on it indicates that it is using PET (polyethylene terephthalate) PET bottles, which are currently the most widely used beverage bottles. It's high transparency, others can see inside the contents at a glance; acid, the stomach is very large, equipped with a variety of acidic fruit juice, carbonated drinks; waterproof, difficult to have the case of exudation, if only as a low temperature The beverage cans are very suitable, which is why it is favored by the beverage traders, often used to hold a variety of drinks such as fruit juices, water, tea and so on.
    Buy Po special drinks should pay attention to whether it is placed under high temperature or microwave heating, because it is not resistant to high temperature deformation (only resistant to 69 ℃ below), after deformation prone to harmful substances are melted, If you want to use PET high temperature water or drink, it is recommended that you think twice before you go.
    (2) "No. 2" HDPE and "No. 4" LDPE
    Here are two numbers, "No. 2" high density polyethylene (HDPE), "No. 4" low density polyethylene (LDPE), the difference is that: HDPE hardness, melting point, corrosion resistance than LDPE is good, but No. 4 (LDPE) is mostly used on other appliances such as plastic films. It has good ductility and is widely used in life but not as a beverage container. HDPE No. 2 is widely used in various translucent and transparent plastic containers, but it is mostly used in cleaning products, bath products and the like due to its resistance to various corrosive solutions.
    (3) "No. 3" PVC polyethylene (PVC easily release toxic substances)
    3 "polyvinyl chloride (PVC), plastic containers in recent years less and less used.Studies found that this material can only heat 81 ℃, high temperature prone to bad material, even in the manufacturing process it Will be released, has been rarely used in food packaging, if there is a container used as a beverage content, it is best not to buy recommended.
    (4) "No. 5" PP polypropylene
    Such containers are often used for a variety of fruit juices, its excellent heat resistance, good air permeability, heat resistance up to 167 ℃, is the lightest plastic containers. In addition to being a convenience store as a beverage container, it is also often used as a soft plastic package in a bubble tea shop. If it is a hot beverage, do not worry about deformation, but still pay attention to whether the human body will not breathe if the temperature is too high Good gas ran out.
    (5) "No. 6" PS styrofoam
    Many containers filled with ice cream or burning grass are PS containers. Because of its good heat resistance, it is often used to hold high temperature food, such as bowl of instant noodles; it's good cold resistance, a variety of ice v? Also love to use this container filled Sheng. Is there any danger to the human body when using this styrofoam container? If PS is hot or encounters strong acids and strong alkaline substances such as orange, there will be release to the body of polystyrene, which is easy to cause cancer Therefore, care should be taken when using styrofoam instruments to see if the food they contain is acidic or alkaline.
    (6) "No. 7" PC Other Plastic Products (Beware of PC Containers Hidden Carcinogens)
    Related reports have pointed out that this plastic container is easy to release toxic substances: bisphenol A. A report from the United States shows that bisphenol A is harmful to human beings and can be easily released. Even the plastic pacifiers used in infants have also found this substance causing a disturbance at the time, so be careful when using this plastic container.
    Do you now know the characteristics of every kind of plastic container? If you are still worried about plastic products at high temperatures can cause human injury, it is best not to use it to install high temperature liquid, use ceramic, paper containers to dress, so not only Can reduce the harm to the human body, but also reduce the use of petrochemical products to make the environment better. I remember these types of plastic bottles can be recycled yo! Do not treat them as garbage, otherwise they will increase the burden on the environment.