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The Preferred Plastic Jars is PETG Jars

  • Update:27-03-2017
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    Plastic Jars are mainly made of polyethylene or polypro […]

    Plastic Jars are mainly made of polyethylene or polypropylene and other materials and add a variety of organic solvents made of. Most of the beverage Jars are plastic products, polyethylene, polypropylene, two materials, non-toxic and tasteless, used to fill the beverage and other people on the human body is safe. But the polyethylene once the high temperature or acidic corrosion will slowly dissolve, and the release of organic solvents, it will cause harm to the human body.

    There are many ways to make polyethylene, one of the most common one, is in the 200 ~ 300 ℃ high temperature and 1000 ~ 2000 atmospheric pressure, the ethylene will be made. In the polyethylene, not doped with other substances. The resulting polyethylene has a low density, a soft texture, and a high stability for sunlight, air, moisture and chemical reagents, so there is no need for external stabilizers, plasticizers, and stabilizers and plasticizers Toxic or highly toxic.

    Today is mainly talking about PETG plastic Jars, it has a high transparency, high impact resistance, high chemical resistance, widely used in high-end cosmetics packaging. PCTG is first a highly transparent plastic. It has excellent optical properties, high gloss and low turbidity, the light transmission rate of nearly 90%. It is by far one of the few environmentally friendly plastic materials. The reason why it is environmentally friendly materials, because it is only after the combustion of CO2 and water, so that can be a good protection of nature, since 2006, Europe and the United States and many other developed countries are vigorously promoting the use of similar PETG environmentally friendly materials , PETG PVC has become a non-environmentally friendly transparent material, one of the preferred alternatives, once you want to use environmentally friendly plastic, PETG should be the first choice.

    In addition, PETG has a very high toughness, excellent tensile properties and better resistance to impact resistance. In the transparent plastic, PC's toughness and impact resistance of the best, but the tensile is not good. Acrylic tensile properties, toughness and impact resistance are not good, and PETG has a very high toughness and excellent tensile properties, and its maximum stretch ratio can reach more than 180%, the impact strength is acrylic Several times, but slightly worse than the PC, while the PCTG is a wide range of transparent plastic, and PC impact strength closer to one of the plastic, PCTG called "hammer is not bad" reputation, by its super toughness Get it. So you do not worry it will be damaged.