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There are four key points in the preservation of perfume

  • Update:20-11-2017
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    1. Avoiding light Perfume should be kept in the dark. M […]

    1. Avoiding light
    Perfume should be kept in the dark. Most perfumes are the use of high quality essential oils, and essential oils are generated after meeting light changes, especially direct sunlight, will cause perfume fading, discoloration, and even turbidity. Many friends who like perfume often throw away the perfume box and put it on the dresser directly. In fact, the packing box of perfume is also the designer's mind. It also has the value of collection, and from the point of view of storage, the packing box can help perfume avoid light. So, if you care for perfume, please keep the package and store it in the place where it's hiding. It's the first thing to do.
    2. Seal
    Perfume is very sensitive to air. It may be oxidized and polymerized into resin, so try to avoid perfume coming into contact with the air. Now we buy most of the perfume is spray type, relatively easy to save, but it is a lot of Q version perfume is no nozzle, so use must cover immediately after the lid, so as to avoid alcohol evaporation and oxidation in perfume.
    3. Perfume should be placed in a moderate temperature environment
    Perfume in high temperature, the internal components will accelerate oxidation decomposition, because of this, so some friends will put perfume in the refrigerator, this is also wrong, because when the temperature is too low, perfume will release perfume crystal. Therefore, it is best to store perfume in a place where the temperature is small and cool.
    4. Perfume should be used up as soon as possible
    If you have both the usual perfume and the new perfume, if you don't need to, you should not open the new one first. Because once the perfume is opened, it will inevitably contact with the air and sunlight, even the same as spray perfume. Some people say that the best perfume opened after six months out, the day now faces many new temptation friends is really a demanding, because of this, the above mentioned perfume storage environment is more important, if properly protected, for the modern perfume bottle, after 3-5 years still maintain the flavor is also very common. Of course, it's difficult to use a bottle of perfume for ten years and eight years if you don't want to use it for too much value.